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Slave Lake Conference Meeting in Photos

84th Conference Meeting, May 28-31, 2015
Multi-Rec Centre, Slave Lake, Alberta

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Companions on the Way: Oct. 29-31

An Event for Everyone interested in learning about Intercultural Ministry in the Church! Annual Meeting and Educational Event for ANW Conference’s Intercultural Ministry Committee Presenter: Adele Halliday, Program Coordinator: Intercultural Engagement, The United Church of Canada. Begins 4pm on October 29 and closes with lunch on October 31, 2015 Location: Star of the North Retreat Centre 3A St. Vital Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta For more information, please contact the Conference Office, 780-435-3995, View...

Welcoming our Neighbours

By Rev. Paul Walfall, Conference President Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. (James 2: 15-17, NIV) My dear friends, Grace and Peace to you all!       Anyone who makes the decision to leave their home country relocate to another never makes that decision lightly. Even if cognitively it is understood to be a good decision, the act of leaving is emotionally not easy. Those who says goodbye to family, spouse and/or children at an airport will tell you that it is more than a heart wrenching experience. But to leave home abruptly, fleeing because of fear or desperately seeking freedom and not knowing if you will ever see the familiar again, then that is completely a different “kettle of fish.” The picture of young Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body on the beach will haunt the world for many days to come as will the reasons which led his parents to leave their home country. In light of the serious refugee crisis in Europe I wonder what then is the response of faith in light of the above reading from James which ironically, but not coincidentally, was the Sunday Lectionary reading following the appearance of Aylan’s photo in the media. Praying The fall back position that we are accustomed to is to offer prayers.  But prayers, while very important, by itself would seem...

Enter the Social Innovation Challenge in Calgary

 WANTED: Bold, Innovative Ideas that work for the Public Good and contribute to the revitalization of a community This Fall’s Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge in Calgary brings together change makers, mentors, all focused on bettering society. Now is the time to share your idea, develop your idea, discover new partners and compete for prizes and start up funding. How to enter: Register for the Soul of the Next Economy Forum that will be held in Calgary from September 25 and 26th. You’ll receive resources on how to develop your pitch. Entry deadline for submissions is Wednesday, September 23. Then develop a 90-second pitch promoting your social innovation idea. Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge – Saturday, September 26. 1:30 pm.  Ambrose University. Deliver your 90 second pitch to peers, mentors and panel members. The top 8-10 finalists will be chosen based on People’s Choice and panel input. Finalists will go on to the October 17 Ultimate Innovation Challenge.  Each receives $300, further business training and direct coaching from a personal business guru. Top winners have the opportunity to receive cash prizes, business coaching, website services.  $22,000 is also available from a local entrepreneur.  Winners may also be able to apply to sponsors and panelists for additional funding. The Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge is sponsored by several organizations including The United Church Foundation, The Edge, St. Andrew’s (United) Regional Ministries, the Calgary Foundation and Ambrose University.       The Calgary Lion’s Den is one of several that the United Church will be involved in organizing across the country in the next several months. Click here for more information on Calgary’s...

Register for Alberta youth-run parliament

The 96th Session of the TUXIS Parliament of Alberta will be held December 26th to 31, 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta. TUXIS is Alberta’s youth‐run parliament, welcoming participants between the ages of 15 and 21. At TUXIS, Alberta’s youth govern and lead themselves to become physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually balanced global citizens. At Session, participants spend their days debating in the Alberta Legislature Building and their evenings and nights enjoying social activities at Concordia University. If you or someone you know is interested in attending this year’s TUXIS session, visit for more information.   Register with the TUXIS Parliament Nomination Form...

Annual Video license available for ANW Congregations

Alberta and Northwest Conference has established a Conference-wide licensing agreement to provide a special rate for Congregations wishing to show movies as part of the activities and programs they provide. Becoming a member of this agreement means that you are not breaking copyright laws when you show movies as part of congregational programming. This is a joint license with Criterion Pictures and Audio-Ciné Films. The studios represented by these two companies should cover virtually any film you would want to show. We have reached an agreement which means that churches, even those with small membership, can purchase a license without the cost of a huge licensing fee. The annual fee for both companies to cover Congregations within Alberta and Northwest Conference is $1.30 per person (plus GST), based on average Sunday attendance as reported to the 2014 Year Book of The United Church of Canada. For example, if you reported an average attendance of 100 people in worship, your annual fee will be $130.00 + GST per year, and you will be licensed to rent any movie and show it legally without breaking the copyright laws. The license will be in effect from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016, and can be renewed annually. The Conference Office administers the agreement to help keep costs low. Just think of the ways that you can use movies in your Congregation: movie clips in worship or sermon; summer movie nights outside; movie nights for the community; Church School; Youth Ministry, etc. Once you have discussed this proposal with the appropriate committee(s) of your Congregation, please complete the 2016 Video Licensing Form...

Kairos Prairies/Northern Regional Gathering: September 25-27

Reconciliation: What does it Mean? Join the Kairos Prairies/Northern Region Gathering at Lethbridge’s Christ Church Lutheran to reflect and discuss what does Reconciliation mean individually, collectively, locally, regionally and nationally? How do we move forward in our region to implement the “Calls to Action” of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)? How do local priorities, needs and interests intersect with indigenous rights, the environment and protecting the whole of creation? Program at a glance: Friday Sept. 25 evening – The Blanket Exercise: an interactive workshop on the Indigenous rights history we’ve never been taught followed by a Community Drum Circle. Saturday Sept. 26 – Highlights of TRC’s Calls to Action and a conversation and discussion on finding new ways of connecting with others. How do we re-energize our KAIROS Prairies North network? Sunday Sept. 27 – KAIROS theme Sunday worship service & fellowship. To register and for more information please contact: Don Dale, KPN Regional Coordinator: View Email KAIROS Prairies/North Regional Gathering Christ Trinity Lutheran Church, 416 12 St S, Lethbridge, AB September 25-27,...

How to do our part for the changes ahead

By Rev. Paul Walfall, Conference President My dear friends, Greetings to you all.     Two things stood out for me at August’s General Council meeting: the commitment of the commissioners for their church and their concern for the church. You felt their passion for the church’s well being in the intense dialogues which occurred at tables and you saw it on many faces as issues were discussed and decided upon. Arising from General Council it is fair to say that the United Church of Canada is now in the midst of changing. Because of the decisions made there will be at least five remits that will be coming to Pastoral Charges and Presbyteries  (Category 3 Remits) and two to Presbyteries (Category 2 Remits).  Remits, as I understand it, enable the church to engage a wide cross-section of its constituents in the decision making process.  They allow for study of the reasons for the proposed changes with the hope that when decisions are to be made they will come from an informed position. The remits that will come to Pastoral Charges include proposals for: A three-council governance model for the church The elimination of the Transfer and Settlement processes for members of the Order of Ministry The establishing of a denominational office of vocation Funding the new model of governance One Order of Ministry in the United Church of Canada Presbyteries will receive the above five remits but will also have to give consideration to: Towards a New Model of Membership Candidacy Pathways Your General Council Commissioners will no doubt give you further details about these and other decisions made...
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