rondy-kyle appointed youth ministry coordinator for Alberta and Northwest Conference 2016-2017Alberta and Northwest Conference is pleased to announce the appointment of Rondy Kyle as Youth Ministry Coordinator.  Rondy will serve the Conference on a half-time basis from October 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017. The Youth Ministry Coordinator is to establish relationships with youth and young adults, youth leaders and committees, camps and other youth programs throughout the Conference, to listen for the various needs identified and to work with the Youth Ministry Committee to create effective programs and networks.
Rondy’s involvement with youth, young adult and children’s ministry in congregations, Church Camps, Presbyteries, Naramata Centre and the Conference spans more than 25 years. She has formal education in Christian leadership, child development, recreation and wellness programming. She brings training and hands on work experience in assessment, program development, leadership development, cultural diversity and crisis intervention. Rondy is brimming with enthusiasm for youth ministry in the Conference context and overflowing with energy to explore how we can deepen our understanding and response to the spiritual experience of young people in our wider Church community.
You will find contact information for Rondy in the Directory on the Conference website beginning October 1st.
The Conference expresses its sincere appreciation to all who expressed interest in this position.