By Rondy Kyle, Youth Ministry Coordinator

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Youth Ministry of Alberta and Northwest conferenceSpring Conference-Wide Youth Event for grade 7-12 youth and their leaders. We’re excited to announce that there will be a conference wide youth event near Olds, on June 2-4th,2017…. Think Youth Rally meets Camp, for three days of music, reflection, energy and amazing activities with 200 other junior high and high school youth.  Watch for more information coming soon… For now, we hope that you will hold the date!  You can call Rondy at the conference office for more details.

Are you a bit of a church geek?  Interested in the wider church?  The WAY wider church?  Check out this fascinating opportunity available for young adults aged 18-30, at the World Communion of Reformed Churches, in Leipzig, Germany this summer. Join a global youth gathering, “Meet the World”, on June 23-28th, 2017 and explore topics such as Social Transformation: Social Justice; Global Challenges: Climate Change and Models of Change: Post Growth Movements, alongside of other young adults from around the world.  Find more information here

Watch out for Rendez-vous 2017
This national gathering of youth (going into grade nine and older) and young adults and their leaders, are meeting in Montreal, QC this summer, Aug 16-19th.
If you are interested in this, check it out, and also, drop me a line. It would be amazing if we could coordinate an Alberta contingent…. getting there and back would be half of the fun!
Find more information at their website…