A July 5 letter from the United Church of Canada’s General Secretary Nora Sanders on the results of voting on Remits 1 to 4 regarding church restructuring. Congregations and Presbyteries took part in the voting. 

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Greetings from the General Council Office.

I am writing to let you know of the voting results for Remits 1 to 4. All four remits were approved by a majority of the 84 voting presbyteries and 2136 voting pastoral charges of the United Church.

Remit 1: Three Council Model

Presbyteries: Yes: 74    No: 7

Pastoral Charges: Yes: 1672    No: 222


Remit 2: Elimination of Transfer and Settlement

Presbyteries: Yes: 74    No: 7

Pastoral Charges: Yes: 1792    No: 89


Remit 3: Office of Vocation

Presbyteries: Yes: 69    No: 12

Pastoral Charges: Yes: 1681    No: 190


Remit 4: Funding a New Model

Presbyteries: Yes: 70    No: 12

Pastoral Charges: Yes: 1472    No: 398

There is one final step in the remit process to be taken by the 43rd General Council when it meets in July, 2018.  We will now be working to be ready for that prospect.

A Remit Scenario Planning group, co-chaired by Alan Hall (Executive Minister, Ministry and Personnel), and Peter Hartmans (Executive Secretary, Hamilton Conference),  has been meeting over the past year to do preliminary thinking on the change process, depending on which of the remits received approval. This group will now be re-mandated as the Remit Implementation group, to have broad oversight over the plans for implementation of the changes that will follow if General Council gives its approval to the decisions that have been approved by remit. David Allen has agreed to step away from his position as Executive Secretary of Toronto Conference to accept the full time assignment as Project Leader for this work.

The 42nd General Council will reconvene for an electronic meeting on September 30, 2017 to put plans in motion for determining the boundaries of the regional councils, and a nominations process for the next General Council Executive, pending the final step in the remit process.

Thank you all for your participation in this important work of the church.




Nora Sanders