When registering,
please click the “Submit Registration” button

More and more people prefer the convenience of registering for events online and ANW Conference has sought to provide online registration for events as much as possible.

While the above is only a photo of the real thing, the action of clicking on this button in a registration form lets you know if you’ve completed the registration process and sends on your information to the Conference Office to ensure you have a place in an event or workshop.

But at a Conference event last spring, three per cent of attendees arrived and we had no record of their registration.

Here’s how the system works: When a person registers online and hits the “Submit registration” button, the Conference office then receives an email saying the person has registered and adds that name to the list of attendees in the database. The person registering also receives an email confirming their registration.

In addition to the database, we have a back up system that can tell us if one of those emails bounced (one had) or if someone miss typed their email address (as two registrants did). That backup system meant these issues were caught prior to the event and the people were successfully registered.

Wanting to ensure we didn’t miss registrants for future events, we searched our database and backup systems and then consulted with our web people, Sunrise Web. They did the same and then reported back: If the person registering doesn’t complete the form entirely, then the Conference doesn’t receive email notification, the person receives no email notification and there is no record of registration in the database.

So please remember when registering to click on the blue button “Submit Registration.” If you missed some fields, it will tell you of any fields still to fill out. Fill those out and then click the button again. You should then receive an email from Kathy Jackson saying your registration is received. If you don’t receive any email, then the Conference Office hasn’t received your registration. So either try the form again OR email Kathy Jackson or call the Conference Office at 780-435-3995.

Shelley Den Haan is ANW Conference’s Communications Consultant.