By Carol Watt, Administrator, Waterton United Church

Waterton United Church

Pictured is the front of the Waterton United Church’s sanctuary. Photo: Ruth Richardson

Waterton Church

The entire Waterton village was saved by superhuman effort and expertise by Parks Canada and the 150 plus firefighters they brought in. The Waterton church is just fine. with a residual, not over-powering, smoke odour. It is being aired out whenever possible. There will be a  special service of Thanksgiving on October 14th, followed by a potluck supper which will meet a need for the members, and could suit a lot of people to attend. There will be an appeal for support for the camp.

Canyon Church Camp

According to Camp Board Members, Locke Marshall with Parks Canada was up at the camp with a copy of their camp map and was able to get a good idea of what damage was sustained. The lodge, the bear shed, the custodian cabin, the boys’ bathroom, and cabins 1, 2, and 3 are all fine. Unfortunately, they lost the craft shack, medic cabin, most of the staff cabins, cabins 4-7, and the vespers area. The main propane tank is scorched and will likely have to be replaced. The girls’ washrooms are also gone.

Locke says that a few board members will be escorted in this week so that they can document the damage. The small trees burned completely but the large trees did not and many of them are falling down. This is the main risk in entering the camp right now. Once they get in they can form a plan to move ahead. An update will be posted on Facebook for the camp family, who have been sending many messages of support.