By David C. Dawrant

Mental Illness continues to be the leading source of disability claims under the Restorative Care Plan and the Long Term Disability Plan of the United Church of Canada.  The incidence is highest among Ministry Personnel.  In view of this, we have been looking for tools and services that we can use within The United Church of Canada to reach employees and employers to help address mental health among other issues.

One such service is called Lifespeak, a web-based wellness video service.  It is being added to the benefit plans effective January 1, 2018 to augment the Employee and Family Assistance Plan. It is designed to help keep United Church employees and their families, mentally and physically healthy.

The program can also be used as a tool for:
-Professional development support for employees, including diversity, conflict management and much more
-Ministry Personnel to provide additional support (where appropriate) as part of pastoral care offered to their congregations, such as couples relationships, raising teens and finances
-Reliable resource for difficult topics related to depression, anxiety, sexual violence and addictions.

You can check out the offerings of Lifespeak HERE:

David C Dawrant FPMI CEBS
Manager, Pension and Benefits Administration, Ministry and Employment Unit
The United Church of Canada /L’Église Unie du Canada