By Carla Johnson and Shannon Koski, 2018 Ministry of Church Office Workers Planning Committee

When we think of the variety of ministries people in our congregations offer, we sometimes overlook a group of people without whom our churches could not function, but whose work is often invisible. We are speaking of “church office workers” – whether they are part time or full time, paid or volunteer, their work is vital to our church life. If any of our church office workers were gone for a period of time, we would certainly all notice!!!

The Ministry of Church Office Workers Retreat will take place from Monday, October 22, 2018 at 4 p.m. until Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 1 p.m. at Queen’s House Retreat & Renewal Centre in Saskatoon, SK.

During our time together we will focus on self care, participating in a yoga class, visioning work, discussing saving time and simplifying tasks and other group activities. Those who have attended in previous years find this program to be rejuvenating and inspiring, to offer new ways to deal with our common problems and concerns. We realize that “we are not alone” – there are other church office workers out there, and we share much in common with each other.

The cost for room, board, meals and this program per person is $350. Please see attached registration form. 2018 Church Office Retreat REGISTRATION

We hope the M&P committee will support “your” church office worker attending this valuable learning opportunity!

If you or your church office worker have any questions, please contact Shannon Koski at Grace-Westminster United Church 306- 653-1766 or View Email

Or Carla Johnson at St. Paul’s United Church 780-532-2415 or View Email

Blessings to all,


Shannon Koski and Carla Johnson