United Church of Canada CrestAs the transition to a three-council governance for the United Church of Canada continues, the Boundaries’ Commission’s final report on February 27th proposes dividing the current area of Alberta and Northwest Conference into two regions. Region 2 is the area north of Highway 16 and Region 3 is the area south of Highway 16 (with some exceptions).

The Remit Implementation Task Group has developed a staffing model for the Regional Councils which was presented at a General Council Executive meeting earlier in March and last week at the ANW Conference Executive.

Highlights of the model include:

• There will be six Executive Ministers across the church and each will have responsibility for two or three regional councils. It is proposed that Regions 1 and 2 (BC and Southern Alberta) would share an Executive Minister and that Regions 3, 4 and 5 (Northern Alberta and Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Ontario in the Central time zone) would share an Executive Minister.
• Each regional council will receive two block grants that can be used for staffing within the region and other purposes such as office space, committee meetings, travel, etc.
You can find a two-page outline of the model here: Staffing Model