Kathy Yamashita, Albertanorthwestconference

New Conference President Dr. Kathy Yamashita

Summer greetings to everyone.

As I write this I am preparing for General Council 43 in Oshawa July 21-27. There are 95 proposals and many reports to read. Every Tuesday night there is a Webinar with presentations about some of the proposals. It is comforting to see around a hundred people on line at a time. This means that the Commissioners are taking the job seriously and the United Church of Canada will be well served at it’s Triennial general meeting.

Meanwhile, in the trenches: I want to uplift the faithful work of Kimberly Roy and the congregation of  Edson United Church. She spoke in support of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Edson whose Mosque was brazenly set on fire at night on Saturday, June 16 while people were inside praying. Because of her public expression of solidarity, she and her church have received hate emails and phone calls. Kimberly says that she is sad and disappointed by this.

The Edson United Church sponsored a Muslim family for immigration and the two communities of

Edson Mosque Fire - Global News Photo

Global News Photo

faith have broken bread together, prayed together and visited each other’s places of worship in the past. I want Kimberly and the members of the Edson United Church to know that the rest of Alberta and Northwest Conference are proud of their outspoken example of Christian faith lived out with courage. Bless their strength.

I am encouraging individual United Church members to send a card or letter of hope to the people of the Edson mosque. We want to show them that the actions of the haters are truly minor compared to the love of the majority of their fellow travellers in faith. Also, please send a card or letter of support to the folks of the Edson United Church and Kimberly Roy.

Edson United Church, 1214 Edson Dr., Edson, AB, T7E 1H6

Edson Mosque, 4831 4 Ave., Edson, AB, T7E 1N8

Blessings to all, Kathy Yamashita, President of Alberta and Northwest Conference