Sandra RangerIt was with great sadness that ANW Conference staff, former staff and volunteers learned of the passing of Sandra Ranger. Sandra worked in the Edmonton Office for 25 years until her retirement in 2008. She died on June 27 and a memorial service was held in July.

You can read more about Sandra HERE

The following are a few memories of Sandra Ranger from former Conference Staff:

When I was executive secretary, Sandra and I worked closely together. With all my involvements, and seemingly all over the map, Sandra kept a very calm. cool presence in keeping me on track, and providing very welcome support. I enjoyed working with her. My prayers go out to her family.  Bill Phipps, former Executive Secretary

Sandra was loyal to Alberta and later Alberta & Northwest Conference over many years. I remember she started at about the time the Conference Office moved to Leterneau Centre. She did so much to create an ambience that was both warm and business like. Interesting that she died just about the time that the office was moved out of the Leterneau location! I am glad she was able to enjoy some quality retirement years prior to her illness.  Lynn Maki, Former Executive Secretary

Sandra and I worked closely at the Conference office for 12 years. She was amazingly well-organized and often seemed to be able to anticipate  what I was going to need before I asked. She was poised under pressure and very capable at setting priorities and following through on what needed to be done. She was a pleasure to work with.  Dale Irving, Former Conference Staff

In my many years as a volunteer with conference and then the 10 years as Conference Staff I so appreciated Sandra’s smile and welcoming presence. I remember her eating just plain Cheerios as a snack at coffee time to curb the desire for something more. I was impressed with such fortitude. Carolyn Bouey Shank, former Conference staff