We have a few photos of the Alberta and Northwest Conference Commissioners who took part in General Council 43 that met in Oshawa for a week beginning the weekend of July 21st. We will have commentary from the Commissioners themselves in future blogs and e-news.   You’ll find coverage of GC 43 decisions and proceedings HERE.

Thank you to Rev. Donalee Williams, Fort MacMurray and Rev. Dr. Catherine MacLean, Edmonton, for offering their leadership to the United Church as moderator nominees.  They both offered inspiring words to the United Church in speeches to the GC gathering on GC gathering. You will find Donalee’s speech HERE and Catherine’s HERE. Theirs are words that can continue to inspire us. Thank you to Catherine and Donalee for your continued leadership in our areas.

Rev. Dr. Richard Bott, Vancouver, BC, was elected Moderator on July 26. You’ll find more about Richard Bott HERE.

Rev. Paul Walfall, former Conference President, attended GC43 as Intercultural Observer, and addressed the gathering on July 27: “Let us ensure that the people who sit at the table are there not as guests but as valued members of the family.” The United Church Observer has since published Paul’s words as a column: The United Church still hasn’t confronted the racism within it.

Conference President Dr. Kathy Yamshita took part in many aspects of the GC43 meeting before needing to return to Lethbridge just prior to the meeting’s end. Dr. Yamashita’s father, Yasuo Yamashita, a long-time United Church member, had become ill and subsequently died. Many prayers and blessings to Kathy Yamashita and her family. You can read more about Yasuo Yamashita HERE.

Thank you to ANW Conference Commissioners and others for the photos we can show you below: