By Rev. Helen Reed, Chair, Region 3 Commission

Greetings from the Region 3 Commission.

As you will no doubt know by now, the Remits that were approved by the wider church were enacted at GC43 and will come into effect on January 1, 2019. We are now officially working to ensure that we are prepared for the adventure we have chosen to embark on together.

Regional Commissions now have the full authority to make decisions for our members to bring us into this new future together. It is a huge responsibility and we request your prayers and support as we begin this work in earnest.

The Region 3 Commission met in Airdrie on August 27, 2018. We welcomed two Indigenous Voices to the table: Darrel Beaver, Treaty Seven and Russel Burns, Treaty Six.

The Region 3 Commission will be meeting every two weeks (approximately) for the next while so that the work that we are doing on your behalf can be accomplished in a timely manner. Some pieces that we are currently working on are logistics: the location of a central office, the hiring of a Pastoral Relations Minister and Support Staff, how we will find the volunteers needed to carry on some of the work needed for the life of the church?

We are grateful for those who responded to the question asked in our first Communication with you in June. From those responses and our own knowledge, we have identified two main areas that we need to focus on for this Region: Connections and Pastoral Relations. Woven within those two are the desire for support and guidance throughout this process.

We recognize that Presbyteries are looking for guidance for this time of transition and are confident that General Council will be sending all of us information to ensure records, finances and work of Presbytery and Conference is neatly packed away by December 31, 2018.

You are an important part of this work so we invite you to send responses to the following questions.
One important piece of work that we need to do is to name ourselves! How might we identify ourselves as this new entity? We have new partners in this new configuration so it seems fitting that we find a new name that offers us a new perspective and hope for our new beginnings. Please send us your suggestions – not just a name but why you think it fits

We encourage you to take a good look at the new financial structure. Your allocation will be 4.5% of your income (less bequests and capital sales). How will this affect your own Community of Faith? One of our concerns is that, as a Region, if we are to support each and every project request that we receive, the funding that comes directly from General Council will not be adequate. We want to be able to support projects for Youth and Children, Intercultural Church, Indigenous initiatives, and Leadership Development. Would the members of the Region be able to sustain an additional .5% (so a total of 5% allocation)?

Please join us in this journey of anticipation and preparation. If you have further questions I invite you to be in contact with myself or your Presbytery Representative.
Rev. Helen Reed   Email Helen Reed

This Region 3 Commission consists of Bob Wallace (South Alberta Presbytery), Sue Brodrick (Calgary Presbytery), Tammy Allan (Red Deer Presbytery) Chair,  Helen Reed (Coronation Presbytery),  Darrel Beaver, (Treaty Seven)  Russel Burns, (Treaty Six), Ray Goodship (Foothills Presbytery) with Brenda Watt as Foothills alternate while Ray is on Sabbatical, as well as Kathy Yamashita (President of Alberta and Northwest Conference) and Doug Goodwin, Executive Minister .