By Rev. Ruth Lumax, Chair, Region 2 Commission
Who are we?

We are Region 2 which runs from Highway 13 north to Yellowknife and northwest into British Columbia, and east along the Saskatchewan border. Over 135 preaching points, camps, incorporated ministries from more than 95 pastoral charges, 6 presbyteries, three provinces and a territory. Many of us are longtime neighbours, some of us have only met infrequently, but we are all being called to something new.

Staffing News

Region 2 is part of a three-region group who share an Executive Minister – Shannon McCarthy. Shannon will have a full-time administrative assistant, yet to be hired. The three Regions consist of Regions 2, 4 (Saskatchewan) and 5 (Manitoba and part of NW Ontario). Funding for these positions is shared between the Regions and General Council.

Region 2 is excited to announce that Earl Reaburn has accepted a full-time position as Pastoral Relations Minister. Kathy Jackson will serve as 1/2 time Administrative Support to Region 2 and 1/2 time Administrative Support to the Pastoral Relations Minister. Heather Dootoff, will serve as the financial staff person to all three regions in our administrative grouping. These positions are funded from Region 2’s budget and will be effective January 1, 2019. Further staffing may be developed once mission priorities for the Region become clear. We are looking for new ways of doing things!

Region 2 Commission meets regularly

Region 2 Commission meets regularly via Adobe Connect and most recently in person. Membership was
confirmed at General Council as follows: Susan Waldie (St. Albert), Leigh Sinclair (Edmonton), Scott Reynolds – Secretary (Irma/ Viking), Marlene Lightning (Maskwacis), Joan Kennedy (Valleyview & Spirit River), Deanna Cox (Killam)/Daysland/ Rosalind), Britt Aerhart (Sherwood Park), Ruth Lumax – Chairperson (Wetaskiwin). Thanks to Paul Douglas Walfall for his initial work with the Commission.
A regional office will be maintained at Kirk Centre in Edmonton for the time being. Inquiries can be directed to Ruth Lumax ( or Shannon McCarthy (SMcCarthy@united-

Name Region 2 …

We need a name! You can send your suggestions to Names need to be 44 characters or less (including spaces, “Region of” or “Region”). Please include a brief explanation of your choice. We’ll be short listing and inviting further consultation before deciding on a name.

Save the Date – May 23—26, 2019 for the inaugural gathering of Region 2. We are delighted to accept the invitation of Valleyview to host this gathering.

Three Region Gathering – Region 2 Commission will be joining Commissions from Regions 4 and 5 in Saskatoon on October 9 to 11, 2018. Leigh Sinclair and Joan Kennedy will be part of the planning team for this gathering. The purpose will be to look at mission, governance and funding models that can be shared between regions and how best to work together.

Commission Tasks
• Function as the Executive of the regional council until such time as the regional council meets and elects a new Executive;
• Make decisions on such items as are necessary to allow for the immediate functioning of the regional council as of January 1, 2019;
• Make decisions on staff who will serve the regional council; determine a regional council budget for 2019, including Mission Support grants for 2019;
• Develop a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding between the regional councils served by a single Executive Minister;
• Act on Property matters formerly done by Presbyteries or Conferences;
• Set a date and organize a founding meeting for the regional council before June 30, 2019; and,
• Deal with any unfinished business from the Presbyteries.
Additional Tasks
Propose plans for addressing the following:
• A vision to guide priority setting and planning;
• The composition of the governing body;
• Process and timeline for longer-term governance beyond the Commission’s work;
• Nominations policy;
• Frequency and times of regional council meetings;
• Process for selecting a name for the regional council; and
• Plan regarding current resources.

Region 2 Commission met Aug. 24 and 25 at Salisbury United in Sherwood Park. Previously we met via Adobe Connect in June and through numerous emails! We have agreed to work by consensus. We have made some staffing decisions; begun work on a preliminary budget for 2019 and agreed on a process for determining the grants process for 2019. Plans are underway for a founding regional gathering May 23—26, 2019 in Valleyview AB.
We reviewed the services offered by General Council and agreed to shared services for IT support, email and ongoing monitoring of Incorporated Ministries. We declined to use their accounting services, telecom platform or website design/ renovations.
After wide-ranging discussions, and based on input from the Conference Meeting, we also agreed on the following values as we work together:
• Embody the church we want to be;
• Hear the different voices and communicate effectively;
• Encourage connections between regional work and congregations;
• Be life-giving not burdensome; and
• Offer the grace to risk, fail, learn and adapt.
We will do more work with what it means to be an intercultural church. And how we will live into right relations with our indigenous neighbours. Another priority will be to encourage cluster and network connections amongst our communities of faith. Thank you for the privilege of serving on your behalf!

Next Commission Meeting—Adobe Connect 1:30 pm, Sept. 25

Questions? Email Ruth Lumax

PDF Version of Region 2 News:  Region 2 commission news aug 2018