An Announcement from Ruth Lumax, Chair, Region 2 Commission and Shannon McCarthy, Region 2, 4 and 5

In our new configuration we have confirmed the following staffing positions for Region 2:

Pastoral Relations Minister, Region 2: Earl Reaburn
Earl will assist the regional council to serve, support and provide oversight to the communities of faith, encouraging and supporting ministry personnel toward health, joy and excellence in ministry practice. This is a full-time position based out of the Edmonton office.

Archivist, Region 2&3: Leanne Templeton
Leanne works to ensure that historical records of the United Church in Alberta and Northwest – including those from local churches, presbyteries and the Conference – are collected, documented, preserved and made available for research. She works closely with the Provincial Archives of Alberta, in order to maintain and enable continued access to the archival collection. This is a part-time position based out of Edmonton.

Finance Administrative Support, Regions 2,4&5: Heather Dootoff
Heather will oversee the financial administration of the three regions, working with the Executive Minister and Regional Executives and Region treasurers to provide budget information to the volunteer structures of the three Regions. This is a full-time position based out of Regina.

Administrative Support, Region 2: Kathy Jackson
To provide administrative support to the Pastoral Relations Minister and any other Program Staff hired by the Region, and to assist with general administrative support to the volunteer committees and structures of Region 2. This is a full-time position based out of the Edmonton office.

Program Assistant to the Executive Minister, Regions 2,4 & 5: to be filled.
Provides lead administrative support to the Executive Minister of three regional councils. This is a full-time position working out of the Winnipeg office.

Executive Minister, Regions 2,4&5: Shannon McCarthy
Shannon provides leadership, counsel and support for the governance and administration of the three Regional Councils, supervises staff of the Regional Councils and engages the Regional Councils in the priorities and decisions of the General Council. This is a full-time position working out of the Winnipeg office with regular travel to the other regions.

The Commission is still working to vision and discern other staffing needs as we move forward into being a Region, and as other positions are filled we will communicate those to you.