STEWARDSHIP: Serving in a Changing Church and World

A Stewardship and Congregational Leadership Event

October 19-20, 2018 

Sunnybrook United Church,  Red Deer, Alberta



Chris LevanKeynote Speaker:  The Rev. Dr Christopher Levan

Christopher Levan, pastor, professor and parent, has spent his life working with words – words that move and inspire. His day job is in a church, and his life’s vocation is as a “separator de sueños” – “repairer of dreams,” … helping others to achieve their goals and ambitions. In the church world, that means growing a community of generosity. A baker, biker, and tour guide, Christopher resides in both Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, with his wife Ellen.


 The Event

Keynote Addresses: Chris will explore with us the idea of Relinquishment as a Stewardship focus for North America’s dominant culture. How do we make space for other perspectives as an intentional act of gifting and grace, acknowledging both our need for those perspectives and our need to let go of how such perspectives are offered?


Registration costs $25. Download Registration Form Here:  Registration for Serving in Changing Church & World


Giving Program: Taking it to the Next Level: Kathryn Hofley and Susan Graham Walker

Mission and Service as a Spiritual Practice: Ruth Noble

Person to Person: Listening for our “Unity in Diversity”: YoonOk Shin

Opportunities for Our Church in Times of Change: David Armour

Simple Tech for Small Churches: Allan Buckingham


Friday, October 19

7:00 p.m.            Welcome and Opening Worship

Reflection: Kathryn Yamashita, Alberta and Northwest Conference President

Generosity in Changing Times: David Armour

Keynote Address: Christopher Levan.  Letting Go of our Culture of Guilt and Fear … The way forward for our church involves grieving for what will never be and relinquishing shame and blame for what is!

Saturday, October 20

9:00 a.m.            Keynote Address: Christopher Levan

Back to our Future … Our future as a community of faith lives in the revitalization of our roots drawing from the insights of Jesus’ Kingdom movement.

10:30 a.m.            Break

10:45 a.m.            Workshops:

  • Giving Program: Taking it to the Next Level
  • Mission and Service as a Spiritual Practice
  • Person to Person: Listening for our “Unity in Diversity”
  • Opportunities for Our Church in Times of Change
  • Simple Tech for Small Churches

12:00 noon            Lunch

1:15 p.m.            Workshops (listed above)

2:30 p.m.            Break

2:45 p.m.            Workshops (listed above)

4:00 p.m.            Keynote Address: Christopher Levan

Growing a Culture of Generosity … We are invited to let go so that we can grow in gratitude and thanksgiving.

Closing Worship

The Worship Leaders

Kathryn Hofley, Financial Development Officer, serving the Prairie Region of The United Church of Canada.

Susan Graham Walker, Manager, General Council Congregational Giving and Stewardship, coordinates the development and writing of the Called to Be the Church congregational giving program.

Ruth Noble, General Council Mission and Service Engagement Coordinator. Spiritual Practice is a way of life: this workshop will explore ways to incorporate Spiritual Practice in your life and give you tools to deepen your understanding of Mission and Service as the heart and soul of The United Church of Canada!

David Armour, Director of Philanthropy, The United Church of Canada, and President, the United Church of Canada Foundation. This workshop will provide a conversation about making use of positive opportunities to love our neighbours and consider how the changes in our church will provide opportunities in our stewardship giving and in the Mission and Service of the church, and how the United Church of Canada Foundation can be helpful to us in these times of change and restructuring.

Allan Buckingham, Communications and Technology Consultant, and a member of Rundle Memorial United Church, Banff, Alberta. This workshop will look at different ways to use technology for church meetings when everyone can’t be there, as well as options for worship when there are limited staff resources. If you’re a bit intimidated by technology, but realize that you should likely learn a bit more, this hands-on workshop is designed for you, though all are welcome. Bringing a laptop or tablet/smartphone is recommended to get the most out of your time.

YoonOk Shin, Intercultural Minister, Edmonton Presbytery, and Past Chairperson of the Alberta and Northwest Conference Intercultural Ministry Standing Committee. This workshop will be an opportunity to sit with someone who has a different cultural perspective. to hear a part of their story, and to be opened to new depths of meaning in our life together.

The Resource Room

Throughout the Event, we will have a room dedicated to displaying resources for Stewardship and Mission Education, including the option of viewing the videos produced by the General Council Office that can be incorporated into worship services, church meetings, or other events.

This can be a time to do that reviewing one always promises oneself to do, to chat with others who are looking for the same thing, and where someone can be available to assist with ideas for use.