By Rev. Greg Wooley
United Church Christ at United Church in Canmore, ABWhen General Council 41 in 2012 decided to make changes to the United Church Crest, it called for some significant changes at Ralph Connor Memorial United Church in Canmore, AB, as the Church crest is prominently displayed outside our Church, and inside.
New antependia were made for the pulpit and communion table, and a local sign-maker was able to make a beautiful new sign for the exterior of the building.  What, then, to do with the old sign bearing the 1980 crest?  After languishing in an out-of-the-way corner for a few months, a new purpose for the old crest came to mind… and with some ingenuity on the part of a local layperson, a colourful new coffee table was born!
The new crest brings the colours of the medicine wheel to Canmore’s Main Street, while the old crest has become quite the conversation piece in the Minster’s study. Sometimes, transitions call us to welcome new ways while creatively honouring what had been!
United Church Crest Table, Canmore AB