Affiliated Ministries

The United Church of Canada

General Council Office
Toronto, Ontario

Bissell Centre

Edmonton AB


Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation

Edmonton, AB


Garneau United Assisted Living Place Corporation

(The Ashbourne)
Edmonton, AB


Historical Society – ANW Conference

Austin Fennell, Co-President
38 Laval Court West
Lethbridge AB T1K 4G3
403-381-7834 (h)


Inner City Pastoral Ministry

Edmonton, AB

Jellinek Society

Edmonton, AB


Lamont Health Care Centre

Lamont AB


NWT Community Services Corporation

NorthernUnited Place
Yellowknife, NT


Oi Kwan Foundation (Oi Kwan Place)

Calgary, AB

Rundle’s Mission Conference Centre

(Mission Beach, Pigeon Lake
Thorsby, AB


The George Spady Centre Society

Edmonton, AB

United Church Banff Men’s Conference Society


The Centre at Naramata

Naramata, BC


Centre for Christian Studies

Winnipeg, MB


St. Andrew’s College

Saskatoon, SK


St. Stephen’s College

Edmonton, AB


Vancouver School of Theology

Vancouver, BC