Conference Staff

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  •  Conference Executive Secretary
    • Administration: Office, budgets, property and other business
    • General Council – Conference liaison
    • Staff resource to the Conference Executive, and a variety of Comittees, including, Planning and Administration, Appeals and Grants, Corporations and Conference Meetig Planning
    • Ecumenical and Media relations
  •  Conference Personnel Minister
    • Support and resource to personnel systems and pastoral relationships
    • Staff Resource to committees involved with selection, training, placement and oversight of Ministry Personnel
    • Staff Resource for payroll issues, medical leaves, group insurance and pensions
  •  Conference Archivist
    • Management of the Conference Records and Archives Programs
    • Staff resource to the Heritage Resources Standing Committee
    • Liaison with the General Council Archives and History Committee
    • Leanne Templeton

      The Provincial Archives of Alberta
      8555 Roper Road NW
      Edmonton, Alberta
      T6E 5W1
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      (O) 780-427-8687, (F) 780-427-4646
  •  Office Coordinator
    • Administrative Support to Committees related to the work of the Executive Secretary
    • Oversight of Conference Office support procedures
    • Staff Resource to the Appeals and Grants and Leadership Resource Development Committees
    • Recording Secretary for the Conference, its Executive, and designated Committees
  •  Administrative Assistant: Personnel
    • Administrative Support to Committees related to the work of the Personnel Minister, and to the Heritage Resources, In Contact, and Youth Ministry Committees
    • Administrative Support to the work of the Conference Personnel Minister related to Marriage Licensing, Conflict Resolution, Appeals, and Reviews
    • Administrative Support for the annual Celebration of Ministry
  •  Accountant
    • Administrative Support for Conference financial procedures, including, Budget preparation, Financial Statements, and the Audit
    • Investment and Trust Fund Administration
    • Responsibility for all transactions related to financial operations of the Conference
    • Staff Resource to the Planning and Administration Committee