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 March 2018

March 2018

3-4                      General Council Executive (Tele/videoconf)

5-8                      Interim Ministry Refresher (St. Albert)

5-9                      Senior Leaders/Executive Secretaries Meeting

7                         Calgary Presbytery Executive (Presby. Office)

11-12                  Leading Transformation & Change (Wetaskiwin)

14-15                  Conference Executive (Calgary)

16                       Stewardship and Mission Education (Conf. Office)

17                       Conference Interview Board – Interviews

20                       Calgary Presbytery

20                       Foothills Presbytery (Airdrie)

21                       Evangelism Education/EDGE Webinar

21                       South Alberta Presbytery (Taber)

22                       Coronation Presbytery Executive (Castor)

30                       Good Friday (Office Closed)

April 2018

2                         Easter Monday (Office Closed)

4                        Calgary Presbytery Executive (Presby. Office)

8-10                   Stewardship Retreats (?)

13-14                  Yellowhead Presbytery

17                        Calgary Presbytery

17-19                  Pastoral Relationships Committee (Innisfail)

18-19                  St. Paul Presbytery (Vegreville)

24                       Conference Interview Board – Interviews

24                       Edmonton Presbytery

24-25                  Coronation Presbytery (Oyen)

25                       South Alberta Presbytery Executive (Teleconf.)

7                         Calgary Presbytery Executive (Presby. Office)

14-15                 Conference Executive (Calgary)

20                       Calgary Presbytery

20                       Foothills Presbytery

21                       South Alberta Presbytery (Taber)

22                       Coronation Presbytery Executive (Castor)

30                       Good Friday (Office Closed)

May 2018

2                         Calgary Presbytery Executive (Presby. Office)

8-9                      Day Apart for Ministry Personnel (Edmonton)

10-13                  85th Conference Meeting (Sherwood Park)

12                       Celebration of Ministry Banquet

13                       Celebration of Ministry Service

14                      Staff Compensating Day (Office Closed)

15                       Appeals and Grants Committee (Teleconf.)

15                       Calgary Presbytery

21                        Victoria Day (Office Closed)

22                        Edmonton Presbytery (St. Andrew’s)

23                       South Alberta Presbytery Executive (Teleconf.)

June 2018

5                         Northern Light Presbytery Executive (Gr. Prairie)

6                         Calgary Presbytery Executive (Presby. Office)

12                       Foothills Presbytery

14                       Coronation Presbytery Executive (Castor)

19                       Calgary Presbytery

19                       Edmonton Presbytery (Chalmers-Castle Downs)

21                       National Day of Indigenous Persons (Office Closed)

20                       South Alberta Presbytery

20                       St. Paul Presbytery (Taber)

24-28                  Conference Personnel Ministers’ Meeting

July 2018

2                          Canada Day Stat. Holiday (Office Closed)

21-27                  44th General Council Oshawa, Ontario

August 2018

6                          Heritage Day (Office Closed)

September 2018

3                          Labour Day (Office Closed)

10-12                  CIES Orientation (St. Albert)

13-15                  Evangelism Education Training Event (Edmonton)

28-30                  Church Commmunity Event (Edmonton)


October 2018

8                          Thanksgiving (Office Closed)

9-11                     Newcomers’ Orientation

19-21                  Stewardship Event

23                       Conference Interview Board – Interviews

24-25                  Education and Students Final Interviews

26-27                  Living Into Right Relations Gathering (Calgary)

27                       Calgary Presbytery Learning Day


November 2018

11                      Remembrance Day

12                      Remembrance Day Stat Holiday (Office Closed)

17                      Conference Interview Board – Interviews

December 2018

24-Jan 2           Christmas Break (Office Closed)


Moderator Jordan Cantwell tours Conference

United Church of Canada Moderator Jordan Cantwell spent five days in Alberta in early October travelling from Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and Lethbridge. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts for the Moderator meant she was unable to be in Whitehorse. Photos are from...

Introducing the Transition Team

Meet the Transition Team who are following the process of three United Church of Canada Conferences sharing two Executive Secretaries.  Last Summer, a Memorandum of Understanding was struck between the Conferences of Alberta and Northwest, Saskatchewan and Manitoba...

Introducing…Lenten Season of Prayer

By Rev. Paul Douglas Walfall, Conference President It is with joy that I invite each member and friend of the church in this Conference area to participate in a Season of Prayer during Lent ( March 1 – April 15, 2017). During this time each person in our congregations...

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