Student Bursary Fund

Student Bursary Fund Society

Alberta and Northwest Conference of The United Church of Canada

The Student Bursary Fund Society was founded in 1991 to provide bursaries to Candidates for Ordered Ministry in The United Church of Canada, sponsored by Congregations in Alberta and Northwest Conference. Contributions to the fund are received from Congregations and Presbyteries of The United Church of Canada, from men’s and women’s groups, and from individuals who wish to provide support to these students.

Donations to the Student Bursary Fund Society may be sent to:
Pamela Milton, Secretary/Treasurer
c/o Grace United Church, 1038 4th Avenue, Wainwright AB T9W 1H2

To be eligible for a Bursary, applicants must be enrolled in a Theological College approved by The United Church of Canada, be recognized as Candidates for Ordered Ministry or Designated Lay Ministry and be in good standing with their College and Presbytery.

Each fall, Presbytery Education and Students Conveners are asked to send a list of names of those who fulfill these criteria. Application forms are sent out to these people early in January, and Bursaries are paid to eligible Candidates.

Each Candidate may receive a total of three bursaries, usually paid in the first, second and final years of a four-year program, or the first, third and final years of a five-year program.

For further information contact:

Carolyn Bouey Shank, Chairperson
1434 Rosehill Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2K 1M4    View Email:

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